Bunheads: First Impressions and How I’m feeling about It

So, like I promised, we’re going to be starting or I’ll be starting Bunheads tonight. So how do I feel about it and first impressions? It’s been awhile since I read this but I loved it so much I actually own it in my personal library. As in, like my physical personal library which books have to be super special for me to own a physical copy of them. I usually only purchase ebooks on my kindle or stuff like that to save space but if one is really special and speaks to me, well then it ends up on my special book shelf or library cart in my room. So, Bunheads definitely was one of those books for me that was special enough to own. So I know I loved it when I read it last. Dance books are definitely a fav of mine. I studied dance at a school for the arts when I was growing up and I never really stopped being a dancer even if my feet don’t want to work that way anymore. I’m excited to dive right into this book tonight and rekindle my love for it. I’m sure it won’t be hard though. It’s a great book and a great story. The characters are super solid. So is the plot line. So get ready for tons of posts and updates on it cause they’ll be coming. Probably starting tonight. And if I can’t sleep then there will be updates on The Heir as well. So, ready, set, go! Happy reading. -Caroline

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