Reading Update: The rest of Happily Ever After Including: The Maid, The Catch Ups from the Eliminated, After the One and Where are They Now!

Well guys that’s it for the Happily Ever After Novella Book. I’ve finished it early this morning and now we’re gonna talk about all the wonderful stuff that it has left in it. Specifically, the story The Maid, about Lucy and Aspen’s relationship, Celeste’s “deleted” Scenes, After the One and Where Are They Now. Let’s start with The Maid. I was a little sad to see it start out with a sorta fight between Lucy and Aspen on the plane with America but I’m happy to see that they resolved it fairly quickly. I know Lucy was hesitant to declare her love for Aspen because she knew that he’d always love America in some way but I’m glad she finally did and they finally were able to officially be together. The whole The Maid story was about how Aspen hadn’t told America yet that he didn’t love her anymore and how he was going to declare his love for Lucy instead. It was a big kinda….well slow start for one. And for second it was also kinda predictable. But still very good. I’d rate it a 2/5 on the story scale. Next was deleted scenes from Celeste’s time in the Selection and I thought it was also pretty predictable. She was mean even in her mind and that kinda sucked big time. I really hated seeing how she treated other people, not just the other Selected. I’m not gonna say she deserved the ending that she got, but it still was kinda expected at that point. She was mean. She had a violent end. I’d rate that story 3/5 on the story scale. Then, there was the story After the One which was one of my absolute favs in the entire Novella book where it’s Maxon’s birthday and it’s been two years since the Selection and for his birthday present she tells him she’s pregnant with their first child! Oh my goodness. It was such a great scene. I’m obsessed. Long live Maxon and America. That ship will forever sail the seas. That story got a 6/5 on the story scale. Why? Cause it’s adorable. And I loved it. Enough said. Then the last part of the Happily Ever After Novella series was Where Are they Now which was kinda meh for me. It showed who the girls married or who they didn’t marry and it was blah and boring. I thought they definitely could’ve done better with that section. But then again, it was like a filler chapter at the end of the book so I guess that was to be expected. And that, my friends was the end of the Happily Ever After Novella series for the Selection Series. Next up, we’ll be starting The Heir which takes place 20 years after America wins the Selection with Maxon and now their daughter, Eadlyn has come of age for her own Selection. But this time, it’s all guys! So get ready for the men to invade the palace because it’s going to be a wild ride. -Caroline

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