Reading Update: Love and Gelato: Where I’m at and How I feel about it

Hey guys. So I know I’ve done a ton of Selection updates today but I wanted to throw in there a Love and Gelato update as well because I know it’s been since like yesterday that I did one. So here goes. I’m almost to the end of Love and Gelato and honestly not a ton has happened in my opinion. I mean little things sure. But I’m looking for like….Big exciting things. There are two exciting things to be noted in these few chapters that I read. Ren kinda takes Lina on a semi date to a place that her mother mentioned in her journal and Lina shares her mother’s journal with Ren. Ren is the only one who she’s confided her secrets to thus far and I think that’s pretty huge but I don’t know. I was just looking for more to happen, ya know. Like let’s get some romance going. Something, anything. Nope. Nothing really big thus far. Making these chapters a bit boring right now. Ugh. Boring chapters. Also what happened was Lina’s mother Hadley talks in her journal about her secret love affair with “X” who Lina thinks is Howard but we don’t really know for sure. And Hadley mentions these chapters that her relationship with “X” is going downhill and Lina is worried and wants to find out what happened. I do too actually. I’m like at least a little bit emotionally invested in this story. I was moreso invested at the beginning and this book is hitting like a solid 3.5/5 for me on the good reads scale currently, but I still have hope. Oh ye of little faith they say. Ha. Anyways, I’m hoping more exciting stuff happens soon otherwise this book is gonna hit probably more like a solid 3/5 on the scale for me by the end. Also, I know I said I’d do some character aesthetics for Ren and Thomas and some of the other characters but honestly the book doesn’t give you much to work off of when it comes to their likes, dislikes, or really anything too personal about them at this point. And fanart is like basically unheard of for this book apparently. So, that’s that for now. Like I said, hopefully some spicy stuff will happen later. Let me read a few more chapters and let you guys know. Until next time, happy reading.-Caroline

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