Reading Update: Happily Ever After’s Fourth Story: The Favorite!

Ashley Tisdale as Marlee in the Selection Series

Yup. Another post. There will probably be lots today so be prepared. This time, it’s about the Selection series Happily Ever After Novella Book’s fourth story, The Favorite featuring our fav girl Marlee! And her extremely handsome sounding secret lover and then turns out to be husband Carter. The story starts from when Marlee and Carter are discovered in the closet and jailed for treason against the kingdom because they had a secret affair. They’re scared in this scene that they’re going to be put to death but instead, Prince Maxon spares their lives and is completely understanding that they have fallen in love. Although he spared their lives, he can’t stop them from being publicly humiliated and caned in front of the whole kingdom which is what his father wants. It’s terrifying to hear about the moments leading up to the caning and I cried a bit when I read the background story of how Marlee and Carter fell in love slowly, but surely. And when it’s time for them to be caned, the only thing Carter keeps saying over and over again was that he loves Marlee and that it’ll be okay. He’ll take care of her after all this. It was really touching and romantic that they would both risk their lives for their love. And Maxon comments on how much of a true love they really have for one another. And with Marlee’s broken angel wings from her halloween costume, they get caned and soon pass out in a painful haze. And yes you bet I cried. I cried hard at that part. Reliving the moment in the books where this happens is extremely sad and painful but it’s necessary for their story to progress further. After they wake up, it’s sweet that Carter reaches out for Marlee and finds that Prince Maxon has left a note and medicine to help them heal and has brought them to a secret room underneath the castle kitchen where they’ll be able to live in peace together. Prince Maxon then comes and tells them that they’ll have new identities as kitchen staff and will be able to stay in the palace as long as they stay hidden. And he asks what he can do for them within reason, and the one thing Carter asks for is a preacher. So he can MARRY MARLEE. Oh my goodness….That was the sweetest moment of the entire thing. And from then on you see them in their married life in the kitchens and throughout the rest of the tiny scenes in the books where they appear and it’s absolutely adorable when they wear their little string wedding rings together. Ugh. So cute. I highly recommend giving this story a read. It’s hard at first but it definitely gets better and is so worth it.

Next Up will be Lucy’s Story, The Maid so Stay Tuned and Happy Reading-Caroline

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