Reading Update: Happily Ever After’s Third Story: The Guard and How I feel about It

Hey guys. Good evening. So tonight I’m almost finished with the Selection series Novella book Happily Ever After. I’ve gotten as far as reading the stories The Guard and The Favorite. But I’m going to do a separate post on each because I feel like they deserve that as each story is meaningful in it’s own way. The first that I’ll talk about is The Guard. All about our fav kinda sorta bad boy, Aspen. Not nearly as bad as Marlee and her guard lover but still pretty naughty to get drafted into the guard to guard the palace only to try and win back the hand of his ex. And I said ex because let’s face it. We all knew America was gonna choose Maxon, am I right? Aspen or Maxon? Not a hard choice. Not because of Aspen’s caste or anything. That’s not what I mean. I just think Maxon is the more attractive of the two honestly. That would be who I would choose. Anywho, back to the story The Guard. It tells the tale of how Aspen works his way up to be a palace guard and shows all of the different points in all of the books where he interacts with America and the others. I thought the scenes with America were pretty much the same whether from his point of view or from America’s like in the regular trilogy, but the thing that I was really interested in seeing was how he acted with other lesser known characters like the maids and Lucy. Lucy was by far one of my fav characters in this series and I’m so glad she gets her own Novella story that will be coming up very, very soon called The Maid. But for right now, let’s discuss Aspen. Oh Dear Aspen….Where do we begin? He was smart and stupid at the same time and it was kinda sad how devoted he was to America and then only ended up rejecting her for her own maid. Wow. Yup. That’s how it went. Anyways, I’m happy for Aspen and Lucy and it does show the beginnings of their relationship in this part of the story and I really enjoyed seeing the behind the scenes that you just didn’t get to see between them when you were reading the regular trilogy. And as always, I could go on and on about my Lucy/Aspen ship but that ship has sailed until we discuss The Maid Novella Story. Until then, keep a watch for my post on The Favorite featuring our dear Marlee (who really was the fav for most of the books) and her secret guard lover Carter! Get excited. Get hyped. And happy reading. -Caroline

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