Reading Update and How I’m feeling About It: The Elite!

Guys! Good evening! I’m so excited tonight because I finally started The Elite which is the second book in the Selection series. And guys….guys….It’s amazing. Like mind blowing amazing. Like I read it and finished it in one night kinda amazing. I can’t even begin to tell you but I’ll try anyways. This book is beyond perfect. And sooo sooo satisfying. I don’t even know where I would begin to start about all the tasty details. For starters I guess we’ll mention that it’s now down to SIX girls called The Elite in the Selection. And Maxon…Oh dear… Maxon is kinda obsessed with America and he’s kinda really in love with her too. And I’m kinda shipping Maxon and America really hard right now. Which I think is totally allowed. They’re adorable. Really and truly. Their first set of kisses set off the damn butterflies, guys. I was obsessed from that moment on. And then when the raids on the palace happened and when Celeste and America got into it in the Women’s room. Just pure gold. Magic. Straight up magic. The only part of the book I didn’t like was the caning of Marlee and Officer Wood-whatever. I can’t remember his name. He’s just Marlee’s lover and soon to be husband and he’s kinda insignificant until the next set of books. So yeah. I hated that part. I hated seeing anyone get hurt and especially that bad physically. Spoiler alert guys. Like big one. It’s the most gruesome part of the book series by far I think. And to think that Maxon just kinda stands there and does nothing while America loses her mind for Marlee…ugh. I hated it. But knowing later on in the book that Marlee and her hubby get to stay in the palace with different identities was great. I definitely thought that was a nice touch. It pulled at my heart strings as I’m sure it did America’s as well. My feelings towards the other girls is weird though. Natalie, Elise, Kriss, Celeste. I’ll go through them one by one. Natalie, first off she’s such a background character. I just….I didn’t love or hate her. I just didn’t know what to do with her either. Elise. Where do I start? She’s so perfect for the title of something other than princess but definitely something like a world leader. Just not winning Maxon’s heart there. Kriss, she’s the second to last to go and runner up to everything and I found her kinda annoying and I hated her when Maxon started really getting involved with her. I don’t think it was her character persay, just the situation. Sorry Kriss. I’m sure there are others out there that love ya. And Celeste. Oh Celeste. Where do I start? It’s a love hate relationship with Celeste. She’s so mean but eh. No spoilers as to what happens to her. Let’s just say it’s not pleasant though. Ick. Anyways, America though with Maxon is relationship goals. I love it. I can’t wait to continue to the next book and find out what happens next. (I already know what happens next but everytime is like the first time I read it over and over again so it’s still awesome) Until then, Stay tuned and happy reading. -Caroline

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