Reading Update And How I Feel About It: The One!

Hey everyone! Good morning. It’s currently 3 a.m. here and I’m wide awake finishing up the third book in the Selection series, The One. And yes. It is as amazing if not more amazing than the first book! It’s crazy how some time goes by since I last read this series and literally the hype is still real. I’m so excited about America becoming Queen and I can’t wait to continue with the series after this. So, where I’ll go from here is a bit backwards actually. I’m going to be reading Happily Ever After which is the Selection short stories book that kinda takes place between the Elite and the One. It consists of I think The Queen, The Prince and The Guard. I’m really excited for it because I’ve never read it before and I didn’t own the complete series last time around so this book is all new to me. Then from there I’ll be going on to The Heir and The Crown about America and Maxon’s daughter’s Selection. Which I’m definitely looking forward to. I have to say, I know most people are all like, they love the original three books the best. But for me, the added bonuses with Happily Ever After and the continuation into The Heir series outweighs the first three books for me. Maybe it’s cause I can see myself a bit more in Eadlyn than I can America. I’m not sure. But it’s definitely my fav. Any who, so first things first. I’ll finish up The One this morning and then head over to Happily Ever After. So stay tuned. And as always, happy reading. -Caroline

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