Love And Gelato: Reading Update: Where I’m at and How I’m Feeling About It

Hey guys! It’s me. It’s rather late for me to post. I know. You’re used to me posting a lot during the day but today was super busy for me so I’m posting now. I’m really tired so this will probably be a little short and simple. So, I’m on chapter 7 on the cusp of chapter 8 now in Love and Gelato and I absolutely adore everything about this book except that Lina’s mother who died, Hadley, was an artist and being an artist’s daughter myself made it kinda hit a little too close to home for some things. Especially with the things I’m now dealing with my mom who’s elderly so yeah. I loved the introduction to Lina’s love interest Lorenzo. And his mother. His father we have yet to meet but it was still a pretty awesome scene when she was in their house and everything. I also loved the conversation that Lina had with Howard about how he didn’t know she existed until now. Ouch. That was more awkward than anything but for some reason it was kinda…sweet but honest in a brutal sorta way. I’m glad they finally had that talk and I’m glad Howard wasn’t a complete ass about it and was like kinda embarrassed but truly does want to get to know her and apologized for not being in her life. I hope that Lorenzo will help relieve some of this stress that’s going on right now cause it’s pretty intense not just for Lina but for me who’s reading it. I look forward to the next upcoming chapters and to seeing what happens. Should be reading some more tomorrow so stay tuned.-Caroline

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