The Selection Series: My Thoughts on Ashley and Why I think she makes the Perfect Background Character

Hey guys! Good evening. Or Good morning depending on where you are. I’m going to be switching back and forth between The Selection Series and Love and Gelato fairly frequently so be prepared. This ones about one of the Selection from the Selection series, Ashley. She gets cut from the first day at the palace but I still think she’s significant enough to be the perfect background character. Personally I would’ve liked to see her continue farther than like say Tiny or one of the other kinda background characters but since she didn’t, this is my dedication to her. I liked her character a lot. I thought she was a more quiet version of Marlee but that’s probably why she was cut. She was so nervous it was talking about how she was wringing her hem while talking to Maxon and I could see where that’d get annoying real fast if you were the Prince. I did like her though. I thought she should’ve made it at least till like the second or third cut. I also wanted a follow up on her since she was like America’s friend throughout the traveling to get to the palace and was nicer than some of the other girls. (Like Celeste. Oh my goodness…Celeste. That’s a post for another time.) Anywho, I think from the description she was definitely beautiful enough but I guess her personality was where Maxon drew the line in the sand so to speak. So, with this post, we say goodbye to Ashley as we move on with the others to the Elite. Stay tuned.-Caroline

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