The Selection Series: Imagine/Dream Cast Post: Who I would cast as America Singer and Why

Hey guys, so I was thinking about doing another type of book content post where I’d post about imagining if there was a film/t.v. adaption of the books that I’m reading who I would choose to play each character and why. The first one I’m going to do is America Singer. The person who I would choose for the role would definitely be Holland Roden who you may know from Teen Wolf or some other shows and movies. I fell in love with her looks and personality almost instantly on Teen Wolf and I think she’d make the best America Singer in a film/t.v. adaption. She’s such a versatile actress and she would be able to pull off not only America’s beauty but her rebelliousness as well. (And I think she just looks gorgeous dressed up in pretty princess dresses) But now that I’ve found the America Singer that I would choose, who should be Maxon and Aspen? I’ve got a few ideas. Stay tuned. Below, Holland Roden is pictured. Doesn’t she fit the part wonderfully? -Caroline

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