My big whoopsie with the Selection Characters….I forgot Kriss. Oops…Dream Cast actress for who I’d want to play her and why

So yeah guys. I forgot Kriss Ambers. Who is one of the biggest Selection characters there is. After Marlee leaves and is found guilty, Kriss takes over as America’s best friend and is the second to last character to be eliminated from the competition. If there was a t.v./movie adaption, I’d want Kaya Scodelario to play her. She’s a strong, tough woman who has proved time and time again that she can play versatile roles with a variety of personalities. She’d be perfect for the role of Kriss and I personally ship the friendship that would be on screen between her and Holland Roden who I would get to play America. Gorgeous, smart, witty, kind. Everything that she needs to be America’s best friend. Above is Kaya pictured. Hopefully I haven’t forgotten any of the other main girls. If I did, let me know. I know the servant girls appear in this chapter as well but I think I’m gonna hold off on doing a dream cast for them for now because I’m really just interested in focusing on the Selected. So, until next time, stay tuned.-Caroline

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