Thoughts and First Impressions: The Selection Series

My very, very old copy of the first book in The Selection Series

Thought I’d do a post on my first thoughts about rereading The Selection series. As I’m holding my very ancient copy of the first book in my hands, all the memories of this series comes flooding back to me. America Singer and her sassy self. The prince. The queen. The king. Celeste. It’s a wild ride. I think I remember something about the first book not being my fav of the series but I can’t really be sure. I do however remember that I self identified with America Singer more than I’d like to admit when I was younger. I wonder how reading this book as a married woman will be different. Will it be weird? Will it be enlightening? Who knows? All I know is the memories I have. And the story that’s stuck with me throughout the years. So, where do we begin? Page one of course and go from there. As I read, I’ll update. Not just a review. But something different. Something more personal. Thoughts. Feelings. Everything. Because this series spoke to me for a reason. And I wanna know what that reason means to me now. So, with that said, let’s dive in. And until next update, happy reading. -Caroline

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