My New Year’s Bookish Resolutions for 2020!

Hey guys! Good morning. It’s an early morning for our household here. I was thinking about some bookish resolutions that I could try and work on for 2020 and this is what I came up with. I think I’d really like to reread all of my fav YA series from when I was a teen. I’m feeling really nostalgic lately and I think this is the perfect way to explore that. Also, I think I’d like to read more manga and manga light novels. I’ve been watching a lot of anime lately and I like the idea of exploring more of that genre. I’ve done a lot of adult romance books lately and I really want to get back to some YA as well. I miss the genre and all that comes with it. The feel good stories that I loved growing up are some that I’ll never forget. Like it says up there, some stories stay with us forever. Another thing is to reread a lot of the books that I already own. I’ve been buying tons of books lately and not getting much read in the ways of the paperbacks and hardbacks. My library cart in my apartment is filled to the brim with books that need to be read. Barnes and Noble eat your heart out cause I’ve got the whole store right here. I also did a lot of NetGalley reviewing this past year and I find that I want to cut back on that a little bit. I know that may seem disappointing but working with multiple deadlines and such are really stressing me out and I just don’t have as much time to devote to that aspect of reading as I would like. I really like the idea of picking my own books and genres that I can enjoy on a more leisurely basis. I also want to throw in some non fiction in there somewhere. I’m not really big into non fiction but I’d like to explore it more and like I said, broaden my horizons so to speak. Challenging myself with my reading has been something that I’ve done a lot of in the past and I feel like this year I want to just enjoy reading moreso than trying to surpass the expectations that I’ve put on myself constantly. I love reviewing books but I’ve found myself tired with stressing over what I’m expected to read and how long it takes me to read etc. So, this year. More leisure reading. More updating the blog on said leisure reading. Enjoying and doing more genres of what I love. I hope this is cool with you guys. I don’t want to disappoint you in any way. I know cutting back on my NetGalley reviewing is huge for me but I think it’s necessary for my own sanity. As for the leisure reading, I think it’ll be very fun. I’m excited. I hope you are too. So, first series that’ll be read for my YA rereads goal of the year will be previewed down below. It’s one of my ultimate favs. And until the next update, happy reading. -Caroline

The Selection-Kiera Cass

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