Proper English by KJ Charles Thoughts and Feelings

Hey all. So this was an interesting read. It’s rare to find a historical lesbian romance in a novel. But that was the only real interesting thing about it. Great setup for a story with the main character being the top marksmen champion in London and as a woman in 1902 that’s saying something. Also she’s lesbian. Shes looking for a lover. Recently moved out of her families home after her brother got married and then she takes part in a holiday party with other marksmen and apparently their families. She’s dismayed to find out other women are attending the party but I’m not really sure why as it’s a romance novel. That is the point right? Wrong. And from there it goes downhill. I was bored with it. It was a great setup with a poor follow through. It could’ve been great but it wasn’t. Needed more story. And definitely more romance. Boring, uninteresting. 2/5 stars ⭐️ Apparently I’m having bad luck with books lately. Hopefully my luck will improve with the next book. Until then, happy reading. -Caroline

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