Christmas at the Lakeside Resort by Susan Schild Thoughts and Feelings

Oh my Christmas goodness!!! This book was fantastic! I loved it. It looks like I’ve finally crawled out of whatever picky book/reading slump I was in recently because this one was a home run. So what makes me love this book? Well lemme tell you. It’s about a woman who’s single, in her 40’s coming out of a broken engagement and who gets evicted from the farm that she was living on. She has two dogs and a mini horse named Levi (who acts like a dog) and she finds out that her father died and left her not only his house but also a small fortune and a “Lakeside Resort”. The resort is not complete and there’s a lot of construction that needs to be done which she enlists the help of Luke and Alice who are a brother and sister duo that run the local hardware store. They offer to help get the resort up and running in time for Christmas. All while the main character Jenny, lives in a cute sounding AirStream camper with her animals while the renovations are going on. The romance happens very late in the book and isn’t prominent but still meaningful. From picturesque scenery, to mini horse to cute AirStream camper; what more do you need though? It’s well worth the read and I will definitely be adding it to my personal library. 5/5 stars ⭐️ -Caroline

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