Barefoot Season (Book 1 of Blackberry Island) By Susan Mallery Thoughts and Feelings

Hey guys so this is the second book I finished today and I absolutely am in love with this series! This is one of the best romance series I’ve read all year. It’s gotta be in my top 3 for sure. It’s so romantic and it’s not an insta romance which I usually would gravitate towards more but it worked well and the plot was very timely. The main character didn’t fall in love right away and it took till about 50% of the way in for any hint of romance but oh my gosh when it did it was beautiful. It was gentle, kind. Soft. The main character has come back from war and is injured not only physically but mentally. And when she falls in love it’s the most beautiful thing. One thing I really loved about it was that it focused really more on her friends and family relationships instead of centering it around romance. It was perfect. I highly recommend it as a summer read or really a great anytime read. It’s relaxing. Gentle. Everything readers want and then some. 5/5 stars ⭐️-Caroline

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