Things coming up on the Blog!

Hey guys figured I’d make a list of things that are going to be happening soon on the Blog. Such as:

  1. Maze Runner ReadAlong Chapters. More. Yes more. I’m so sorry these got away from me when I was in the hospital and I never really picked it back up but now I am. Promise. So we’ll continue with I think it was like chapters 4-6. And we’ll summarize that and then we’ll continue with 7-11. Haha 7/11. So much for crappy puns. Anywho, these will become a regular staple on the Blog. Sorry they haven’t been but they will. We’ll do this with several book series as time goes on.
  2. Review of the third book in the Hannah Swensen Murder Mystery series. Also got away from me but I’m continuing on with it now. Stay tuned for the review and updates.
  3. More light novel reviews. I enjoyed writing those. We’re gonna do more. So, like I said. Stay tuned.
  4. More Holiday themed posts. Maybe, maybe more Halloween posts but might turn out to be more fall/thanksgiving posts instead. Then Christmas of course. So stay tuned for that as well.
  5. And of course, any other random idea or book review I feel like posting. So, see you all soon. And as always, I’m listening.-Caroline

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