Strawberry Shortcake Murder: Book 2 in the Hannah Swensen Murder Mysteries!

Book 2 In the Hannah Swensen Mystery Series

First off, lemme say that I’ve heard so many things about this series over the years and I honestly didn’t think I was going to enjoy it at all from what it sounded like. Well, I was dead wrong. This is by far my favorite cozy mystery series that I’ve ever read and I’m only on Book 2. It’s amazing how sometimes we think that because we hear it’s gonna be bad from other people that we think it’s gonna be terrible. But, give this one a go guys. It’s perfect. It’s got baked goods, cute romances, cute pets, and of course that little thing called murder. I highly recommend it. 5/5 stars on the Goodreads scale. If I could I’d give it like 20 stars. It’s everything readers crave and then some. As for the plot, it’s solid. Really solid. I don’t want to go into spoilers cause then you won’t read it yourselves so just know that it’s worth it. Every second of it. You’ll definitely want a second helping. And a third. And a fourth. Heck, after reading halfway into this book I bought like six more of the books in the series. The character development, plot, everything. You wouldn’t think that it would be solid cause it’s kinda a silly premise for a murder mystery but it works. I can’t say enough good things about it. Next book in the series is Book 3 shown down below! And as always, I’m listening-Caroline

Book 3 in the Hannah Swensen Murder Mystery series!

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