Halloween Book Reviews: My Fav Not So Spooky Series

So this guys is my favorite Halloween read that’s along the not so spooky lines. I of course love to be spooked just like everyone else but sometimes not so much. So this is my go to Halloween series about paranormal creatures that have nothing to do with “scary” stuff. This series is the Unearthly Series by Cynthia Hand and it’s all about following the lives (and love lives) of teen fallen angels. Which of course cue lots of drama but this kind is the good kind. I’ve never been one who liked my YA novels with a bunch of petty drama. And I assure you this kind is far from petty if not a bit on the insightful side. There are so many reasons why I could say this is my fav non spooky read but I think my main reason is that it’s comforting in a way that others aren’t and it really resonated with me as a teen and even now as an adult. So, if this Halloween you’re looking to be frightfully delighted instead of spookily scared, this is the series for you. Stay tuned for more book reviews and as always, I’m listening. -Caroline

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