Neat Bookish Finds: Library Carts!

Anybody ever wanted a library cart? Now that you see them do you? I know when I first spotted them and learned what they were I was absolutely determined to have one in my personal library space. As I live in a studio apartment with my husband though I can only really have one because of space issues. But one day I hope to dedicate one large room of our house into a library space where I’ll have walls and walls of books and lots of library carts. (Think Beauty and the Beast library!) These library carts all were found on Amazon so if anyone wonders where you can buy such things there you go. I got mine at Michael’s craft store. They were on sale and I got the most adorable mint green one which I’ll show you guys down below after I finish typing this up. It holds a ton of books and I’m just in love with it. It’s easy to move, on wheels and is such a cute color. I mean look at these colors guys. There are so many different ones to choose from. And these aren’t even all the pictures I gathered of them. They were kinda an obsession of mine for awhile so I have more that I’ll post another day sometime. But for now, enjoy the rainbow colors! Even the more neutral ones are super cute. They range from a variety of prices. Mine cost about 30 I believe at Michael’s. These ones on Amazon are more hardcore metal types and wood and such so I believe they might be just a tad more expensive. But it really depends. You can use tons of stuff as a library cart/display. I’ll post more ideas for you and aesthetic inspirations of mine as the days go by. But until then, get hyped. Get bookish. And as always, I’m listening.-Caroline

My mint green library cart! Michael’s 30 bucks guys.

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