Book Haul Post! What I picked up at the library book sale

Hey guys! As you can see I had loads of fun at our local library book sale which ended up with me getting like 9-10 different books. Almost all if not all are romance novels and one is the classic The Little Princess. (Do you see how gorgeous that cover is???) I’m a sucker for any type of light/cozy/romance type novels and also any type of classics. I’ll have to take a picture and share what my classics collection looks like as well sometime. But for now these are the ones I got today. I think I’m most excited to read some of the Debbie Macomber books. (Especially the christmas ones) Cause I’m a sucker for christmas romances. And also I think I’m excited to read that one Nora Roberts one that looks really good. I collect Nora Roberts books as she is one of my super favorite authors. And of course the others I’m excited to read too but I think those two are gonna be my first picks for this lot. I think I got a pretty good haul this time around. Perhaps sometime I’ll post pictures of my older hauls as there have been quite a few before I got my kindle. And still, even though I have my kindle I’ll probably go get books from the library sale anyways. What about you guys? What’s your fav book that you’ve gotten from a sale or haul? And which one do you think I should read first from this lot? Get hyped. Get bookish. And as always, I’m listening. -Caroline

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