Treasure Trove blog Post: My mom’s 1st Edition from the 50’s Joy of Cooking cookbook

So I know that most of my blog posts are about book reviews but looking through my mom’s old things made me realize I really wanted to take a break from that and talk about this old cookbook that I found buried among a pile of old things. This cookbook represents my childhood as a whole and is undoubtedly the most important old artifact that our house holds in my opinion. The history that’s between it’s pages will forever live on in my memory and in my life as the best that there ever was. This book is particularly special to me because it’s my moms. And as some of you know, my mom is the most important person there ever was in my life and as such, as she gets older, I like to keep her things close to me. At 72 years old, my mom has told me that she purchased this cookbook in a little shop in Georgetown, Washington D.C. when she was all but eighteen years old. It’s a first edition of Julia Child’s cookbook, The Joy of Cooking and although there’s a much newer copy out on the market now, this book will forever be my favorite and most cherished book that I own. As my mom and I were looking through it today I saw her face light up in a way that I haven’t seen in awhile as she remembered all the notes and history and newspaper clippings that are stored between it’s pages. Notes from my father, my sisters and me are all tucked neatly inside and every single one is as precious as the next. As old as this book is, we were discussing ways to preserve it and keep it in tact for many years to come. My idea was wrapping it in tissue paper and putting it in a special box so it would be stored neatly. My mother wouldn’t hear it though and said that she’d rather just put it in a ziplock bag. Which I of course scoffed at because of the sheer value it has to our family. A ziplock bag doesn’t seem to do it justice. To me, it should be stored in the most precious box that we own and wrapped in fine silk or tissue paper. That’s how much it means to me. But alas, since it is still in my mom’s possession, she will do what she wants and when she wants. Because that is the way of Maria Kernan. Above I have shared a coveted few images of the books pages and hope that you all enjoy their images and texts as much as I do. Also shown above are some old newspaper clippings that my mom has between it’s pages. Ones that I thought were great to share. Please enjoy this glimpse into my usually very private family history, raw emotion about my family and as always, I’m listening. -Caroline

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