ReadAlong Post: The Maze Runner series book 1 Chapters 1-4

If you ain’t scared, you ain’t human. -Maze Runner series book 1 Chapter 2 by James Dashner

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Okay guys so this is how this is gonna work. I’m going to read each book with you and I’ll recap/comment on every four chapters of the current book that we’re on. Right now we’re starting with the first book in the Maze Runner series. So here’s my breakdown/recap of each chapter.

  1. Chapter 1:In this chapter we get to meet the main character, Thomas who wakes up inside a strange mechanical box that seems to be heading to an unknown destination above him. He reveals that the time he’s spent in the box so far has been a half an hour and that he can only remember his name and vague details of life but nothing concrete. After a few more minutes, the box stops suddenly and is opened to reveal the sunlight and boys of all ages. He’s greeted by 50 or 60 boys that are ranging in age from young teen to young adult and he’s greeted by Alby the oldest, the leader. Now I enjoy this beginning of the book way more than what the movie had which was Gally greeting Thomas in the Box. I feel like Alby is exactly where he should be in this version and he’s more predominant than he was in the movie and takes on a bigger role and Gally is kept on the sidelines where he belongs. Anywho, Thomas is stunned to find himself in the Glade which the description in the books is to die for. Let me tell you. The movies don’t do it justice. If you want the full experience, read the books. Thomas ends up asking a lot of questions that the Gladers can’t particularly answer even themselves right now. So a lot goes unanswered for him making him very uneasy. This is basically where chapter 1 of the books ends.
  2. Chapter 2: In this chapter, Alby tries and fails to tell Thomas about the Glade and the life he can expect in it as a Glader. Newt introduces himself (Cute Newt. Yes I’m talking about the TBS in the movies) and for lack of a better term takes Thomas under his wing. Now there’s been some speculation as to whether the movies really portrayed the characters, including Newt well enough as the books described. But we do have to remember that every book to movie adaption will always have some slight changes or even some more major ones to plot and character appearances. Going forward with this chapter, Newt and Alby tell the story of the Glade or a so called explanation before Newt goes to find a young Glader named Chuck who will be in charge of showing Thomas around. Thomas gets a shock when a scream rings out in the Glade and Newt apologizes and goes to run off to take care of someone who obviously is in a great deal of pain. At the end of this chapter he tells Thomas to go find Chuck and that Chuck will take care of him leaving Thomas yet again suspicious of this place that he’s more or less found himself in.
  3. Chapter 3: This chapter introduces both the characters of Chuck and Gally who will be pivotal in Thomas’s future choices and reasoning behind everything he does in the rest of the book. Chuck also tries and fails to answer or not answer Thomas’s questions making him even more suspicious and taking matters into his own hands. Thomas enters a building that they call the Homestead where Newt and the older boys are taking care of a boy who apparently got “stung” by what’s called the Grievers who live outside the walls of the Glade. Thomas is curious and attempts to go find the boy and the others who are taking care of him only to be stopped and introduced to Gally, an older and much more notorious character, (my fav by the way. Yay for Will Poulter!) who bluntly tells it like it is and is offended by Thomas wanting more knowledge than he has and then traps Thomas into going up the stairs which he’s most likely forbidden to do and causes Thomas to get into trouble as soon as he enters the room where the boy is being treated. He gets to witness his first hardship in the Glade. The Changing. Scared out of his wits by Alby, he runs out of the building and heads back to Chuck who is more than happy to help him settle in more normally at this point.
  4. Chapter 4: This chapter is where Chuck explains more about the Glade than he really bargains for and Thomas explores the Glade and finds the large doors where you can exit from and where the Runners, run through each day. Chuck lets it slip that the Glade is placed in the center of a Maze making Thomas’s curiosity peak and almost causes him to disobey the laws of the Glade. Chuck stops him just in time and the doors close for the night but not without Thomas catching sight of the runners for the first time. Storing the info that he’s learned so far for later, he goes into a restless sleep with Chuck by his side as he completes his First Day in the Glade.

Chapters 5-9 are coming soon. Stay hyped. Stay bookish and as always, I’m listening. -Caroline

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