New Review: Every Little Kiss!

Okay guys I’ve got a new one for ya! This book is one of the most magical, lovable books I’ve read in a very, very long time and I wanted to share it with you. I don’t usually do full blog posts on books unless I’m completely passionate and head over heels with them (kind of like meeting a great guy) and this one I have to say is a real winner. The story is about Wendy who after graduating high school moves away from the small town of Blue Moon Bay where she grew up with her grandmother and moves to Sacramento where she in the end becomes a real estate mogul completely forgetting about the town and all her faded memories from it. Years later, she is called back by her grandmother’s attorney saying that she has passed and that Wendy needs to come back to oversee the sale of the Inn that her grandmother and her brother ran together. Needless to say, her brother is pretty upset about having his home sold right out from under him and doesn’t exactly welcome her with open arms. But there’s nothing she can do to stop the sale. Or can she? When a handsome out of town stranger shows up in the form of Max and his cute golden retriever, will she find what she needs to have the courage to stay and work out what made her leave in the first place? Well, I know the ending. But you don’t. And if you want to know the ending you better go read this 5/5 star book right now. I posted a picture of the cover. Go find it. It’s great. I highly recommend it. And as always, I’m always listening-Caroline

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