The Selection Series Review Post!

  • So as some of you may know from my Goodreads account and what not, one of my absolute favorite series is The Selection series and it’s companion novellas. So I figured I’d do one of my first posts about it because I’m such a fangirl when it comes to this series. Below I’ve listed all of my favs from the series and a little about why I love each one.
  1. Top fav would definitely have to be the Happily Ever After companion novella book mostly because of the artwork and exclusive maps and stories that it includes. It’s so pretty too. Like it’s my favorite cover out of all of them. The stories give a more in depth look at some of our fav moments and characters from the series which makes them all the more endearing to us rabid fangirls.
  2. Second fav I’d probably have to say is The Crown about America and Maxon’s daughter and extended family after the first three books. Where Eadlyn gets her very own Selection and absolutely is mortified and hates it yet still manages to find love. *spoiler alert* I know it’s a little late for that. Haha. Anywho, it’s my fav because she didn’t choose who you would think she’d go for and that makes it all the more juicier a tale.
  3. Third on the list I’d probably say is the first book in the novella series after the first three books, The Heir. Princess Eadlyn, Maxon and America’s daughter is definitely not what you would expect after the whirlwind romance that they had during the Selection main series. I would have to say that Ms. Cass did a fine job at throwing readers for a much needed loop when she introduces Eadlyn and her twin brother into the mix along with their littler brother. Imagining Maxon and America having that many kids just makes my heart all warm and fuzzy, yeah? But Eadlyn’s stuck up nature in the first book of the Heir series makes me a little turned off hence why I put it in the middle of the list.
  4. Number Four for me would have to be The One. The last book in the official Selection main series. I would say this would be lower than the others for me because you know that Maxon is going to choose America but he goes about it in such a way that’s too dramatic for most people. I found it kind of overwhelming that he was going to choose Celeste yet she ends up being killed and America saves Maxon’s life therefore he chose her instead. I hated that. Like that was a fact many people kind of skipped over but it was true.
  5. Next on the list would be Number Five for me which would be The Elite. The second book in the official main series of the Selection. I would give this a lower rating because there was too much drama and most of it revolved around girl cattiness within the Selection that I felt could’ve been avoided. It was just a round of about way of getting America what she wanted. Which was Maxon. But really Celeste had him first. Am I right? Maybe. It’s up to you. Personally I feel like Celeste won him fair and square. America was not really my first choice in the book because of her aloof nature. But it’s your choice. What do you think?
  6. Last for me in the series would be my pick for Number Six. The official first book in the Selection series, The Selection. I hated the way it started out and it just made me incredibly uncomfortable the entire time knowing that America was basically being forced into the Selection because of her family and it made it very off putting when it came to her relationship with Maxon and the other girls.

And that’s my Selection series list. What was your fav and why? What did you or did you not like and why? Hit me up. Lemme know what you think. I’m always listening. -Caroline

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