New Review: Survive the Night

**spoiler alert** Wowzers. OMG. Like can we talk about books that will leave a frickin mark?! That’s gonna hurt for sure. Book hangover here I come. Best horror book I’ve read in the YA section in awhile. The drug references were on point, the rave descriptions were on point, being a teenage punk queen references were on point. OMG. Whole book on point. Loved every minute of it. Loved the ending. Still don’t get what the monster was. At first I was like okay it’s an alligator cause you know alligators are in the sewers but no. It had tentacles and I’m like okay this I’m not familiar with but I’m good with it. Ending made it all worth it. Whole book made it worth it. Just wow. On my to order wishlist for sure.

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